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(Kendall, Russell, Holland, Black, Niven) The old man told me Hey you! Make a choice. You can the music and stop all the noise, Or you can get out and find your own way! I told him Stick it. My rock's here to stay. No. No. I can't live without it No. No. It just ain't the same No. No. Ain't no doubt about it So rock me again! I wanna roll it and burn it all night Me and my Chevy don't stop for no lights Crankin' the metal, blastin' the plant They wanna catch me, betcha they can't! I'm out on the road, and I'm rockin'! Stick it! I'm out on the road, there's no stoppin' I'm out on the road and I'm rockin' I'm out on the road and I'm gone.

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