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(Kendall, Niven) Adrift out on an open sea A life raft seekin' company Sailing on a sea insane Rolling with the waves of pain Chance determines destiny Tide can be the enemy When the moon is shining bright It hangs there like a becon light Your're looking for a place to stay A place to leave another day Water leaves no trace behind Of all the ways your life unwinds So sail away Sail away Sail away Sail away As you come you come alone All you are is what you know Dependent on your memory Remember who you used to be Reason is a raging wind Beating on your weathered skin Confusion is the tidal flow Pulls you like an undertow Adrift out on a sea of tears Navigating by your fears Searching in the stars above A way to find your isles of love So sail away Sail away Sail away Sail away A sea of faces flow by me Islands of identity Isolated constantly No ones's where he ought to be So sail away Sail away Sail away Sail away

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