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(Kendall, Russell, Niven, Lardie) I know the spell you're under I know it so well How far? Well you may wonder No way to tell I've travelled miles from nowhere Where sons never rise Lookin' to find a meaning Now open your eyes Yeah Been this way so long Tomorrow's gone See if the rhyme has reason Chasing the wind Look for a change of season Somewhere to begin Yeah The freeway is my song Now hiway nights Red tail lights Lead my love light love Hiway nights Freeway sights To this eagle I belong It rolls me on How can I bring you lovin' Out of the night Is it a dream To fade in the light Yeah The freeway is my song Hiway nights Red tail light Lead my love light on Hiway lights Freeway sights To this eagle I belong Baby won't you start your motor Baby won't you turn it over Baby won't you drive me Drive me through the night

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