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Versuri Maybe Someday

(Lardie, Niven, Russell) Well I've been driftin' alone in the night I've had the blues for you so long I've been down, I've been confused Searchin' for an answer baby One that I can use Lyin' here in the mornin' light Promises fade like the dreams of the night My old love, you don't come no more Bring me lovin' baby, like you did before Was it the time Was it someone on your mind Was it just love for awhile Maybe someday when the hurtin' is gone Baby someday love will stay on Maybe someday we will do no wrong I know we can make it alright babe if we try Maybe someday I've beed thinkin' darlin' Of all the times before When I needed lovin' Why did it walk right out the door Do I hold you too hard baby Jealous you don't stay I guess that's lovin' you darlin' Is it the time Is there someone on my mind Is it love once in awhile Maybe someday the need will be gone Maybe someday I'll find to move on Maybe someday there's a way to belong Maybe I'll find it today Baby our way Maybe someday

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