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Versuri House Of Broken Love

(Russell, Niven, Lardie) Come the mornin' don't ya wake me I'll be dreamin' that I'm free Come the daybreak don't ya shake me Send me back to misery Cause I'm dealin' with a devil With no help from above I'm stealin' with the devil Through this house of broken love Takin' chances with you baby I saw something in your eyes And though no one else could blame me There were signs I shoulda recognized Now I'm dealin' with a devil With no help from above I'm sleepin' with the devil In this house of broken love If you don't wanna lose my lovin' Use it constantly If it's gonna be lies, suspicious eyes Baby oh baby set me free When the night falls and she's leavin' Ooo the moon shines cold and grey Hear my heartbeat yeah yeah hear m' weepin' Pain and sorrow's here to stay I begged you baby help me But you turned your back on me You didn't even listen You should have set me free Now I'm leavin' with the devil Gonna leave this search for love Leavin' with the devil Leave this house of broken love

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