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Versuri Stargazing (Stargazer II)

[Music: Schuliga/Aldridge, Lyrics: Dower] Consigned to the tomb, to sleep, to dream forever. Rotting... dissolving in my grave clothes, my flesh turns to soup. A distant thud, as a shovel parts the earth. By moon lit night, a looming shadow... sunken eyes, gaze up to the stars. My shrouded, decomposing corpse, sprawled on frozen marble. Carefully unwrapping, your putrid, fly-blown prize. Disrobed you sit upon me, straddling my death remains. Momentum slowly building makes a horrid slushing sound. [Ch] Stench rising, blood thirsting Flesh peeling, sores bursting [Rpt] Gripping tight to my exposed ribs, your cumming in a frenzy. Draining every bit of love my body has to offer. Kissing teeth where lips once sat, a foul and bitter taste. Lapping at my putrid flesh, you puke into my sockets. [Ch] Stench rising, blood thirsting Flesh peeling, sores bursting Your task is complete. My corpse lies in a heap. Spewing forth my rotten dregs... dribbling, oozing down your legs.

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