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Made like a mirror to reflect his glory But the glass got smashed, bought a counterfeit story We gave into pride Sacrificed life, on that day we died inside Outside we ignited a rebellion An infectious disease that labels us felons Cold and alone, ever wandering in search of a home Bridge: Hearts breaking, hands shaking In time with our hearts vibrating We say bridges to yesterday are burned Seasons over, all those leaves have turned But we cannot look down We can never keep our gaze locked on the ground And we stand with wide wide eyes As our world comes crashing down Chorus Who am I to say I'm right? Who am I to say you're wrong? Play judge, look you in the eye Who am I to throw the stones? I remember when trust went for free Sold for a smile on the face of a fantasy Truth found her home in the pages of fairy tales Decadent words formed the phrases for dreams that failed Now trust is a costly commodity Giving it away is the mark of absurdity And truth is a homeless traveler Hoping in the night to be found And we wave goodbye to our innocence And we wave goodbye to our ignorance And we wave goodbye to our nursery mindsets Abandoning cribs of complacence

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