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Trying to breathe, gasping for air Each breath shot, with needles of pain The darkness is creeping, your vision is blurring Jaws of death clamping tight on your life Withering flesh, leathery and slack Disgusting grey folds, that cling to your back Liver spots forming, blistering and black Scab-riddled lips, bleeding and cracked Premature aging, gnarling your form Twisting, distorting, ravaged by decay Sunken eyes stare in horrific disbelief at the vile twisted face in the mirror [Chorus] Weakness spreads with incredible pace Bowels given way, your trousers disgraced Arthritic fingers used as the brush Painting the walls with your brown fetid mush [repeat Withering flesh...] Memories fading as your mind starts to fail Heartbeat slows to an aching throb Vision now gone, limbs are all numb Blood-laced mucus coughed up in globs [repeat chorus] Lost and deranged, mind crawling with fear As panic sets in, an unacceptable fate Scream if you can, it may be your last, as time passes by at an abnormal rate

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