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Versuri Bone Against Steel

Rollin' out to Vegas On an eastbound outta L.A. I met a roughneck man who hailed from Alabama His eyes had a lot to say And his name was Rufus Champion They call that train the desert wind And it blew like a mutha that day Thru the Joshua Trees We were battin' the breeze About our rock'n roll heros Dead or alive Chorus Out across that night did we sail Bone against steel against the rail Boats against the stream Cutting against the grain Kept on rollin' Bone against steel As the moon rose in the window Rufus began his tale About an oil rig near the gulf coast Puttin' man against metal In a classic work-place accident He told how the drill commenced to shakin' The platform started to rock The chain began breaking They were straight out of luck And then the sky kinda lite up Just like a lightnin' bolt had struck Chorus Workmen's compensation don't compensate for much With the doctors and lawyers and the IRS and such You can break up the bone But the spirit just won't bust When is bone against steel With casino lights up a shimmering We made that Vegas stop And we laughed away our blues Now here's the good news Rufus walks off heels a kickin' With his baby right by his side And as they waltzed on out of view We were back up to speed And clean outta sight Double chorus

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