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Versuri Caught Up In You

I never knew there'd come a day When I'd be sayin to you Don't let this good love slip away Now that we know that its true Don't, Don't you know the kind of man I am No, said I'd never fall in love again But its real And the feeling comes shinin thru (Chorus) I'm so caught up in you Little girl And I never did suspect a thing So caught up in you Little girl That I never wanna get myself free And baby its true You're the one Who caught me, baby you taught me How good it could be It took so long to change my mind I thought that love was a game I played around enough to find No two are ever the same You made me realize the love I'd missed So hot, love I couldn't quite resist When its right, the light just comes shinin thru (Chorus) Fill your days and your nights No need to ever ask me twice oh no Whenever you want me And if ever, comes a day When you should turn and walk away Oh no I can't live without you I'm so caught up in you And if ever comes a day When you should turn and walk away Oh no I can't live with out you (Chorus)

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