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[Music: Alridge, Lyrics: Dower] Darkened necropolis, midnight sharp, nobody else will see. A six foot dig, open the casket, there she waits for me. Her lifeless body, cracks and splinters, as I start to raise her. In eagerness I carry on, In lust for my Stargazer. Deterioration, rotting flesh, violation of a fossilised wench. A degrading thought to seduce a corpse, dry reaching from a horrid stench. Parting the thighs, a sickening crack, festering hole open wide. Enter my partner, close my eyes, so cold and dry when inside. Ignore the sounds that fill my head, the crunching of flesh as I thrust. Sweat profuses my body bare, driven by bizarre lusts Run my tongue across her mouth, formaldehyde I taste Dislodge my member from her hole and head below the waist. As I feast between her thighs, her throat emits a deafening cry A filthy claw grabs my head's back, and rams it up her rotting crack.

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