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Hook Living Wasn't Easy Cuz We Didn't Have Much Money But I Knew I Would Make It Someday. They Told Me I Was Nothing That I'd Never Be Something But I Knew I Would Make It Someday Verse 1 This Is My Story, I Was A Girl Who Came From Nothing & Life In My Surroundings Was Bad. But Deep Inside Me I Would Pray For God To Guide Me Cuz I Knew He'd Give Me Strength For Life And All It's Problems Back Then. Verse 11 Hand Me Down Clothing Empty Shelves Inside The Cupboard And Mama Kept Three Jobs To Make Do I'd Hear Her Cryin But She Never Stopped Between 3 Girls, Light Bill & The Rent Ya'll Livin Wasn't Easy Back Then Bridge Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh-----------------------------(Backgrounds) By Faith I Believed One Day I'd Sing & Things Would Get Better So Don't Give Up No Matter What It Seems (Modulate) Hook 11 Livin Wasn't Easy Cuz We Didn't Have Much Money But I Knew I Would Make It Someday No Matter What It's Seeming You Gotta Keep On Dreamin And You Know That You Can Make It Someday

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