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Versuri Take It To The Head

Hook Breathe It In, Breathe It Out Flying High Ain't No Doubt I Take It To The Head Yo' Love On A Ride, In The Clouds Feelin Good Won't Come Down I Take It To The Head Yo' Love Verse 1 Stepped In The Room I Saw You Instantly Knew I Had To Present My Game & Keep It Cool Wanted So Much To Kiss You To Let You Know I Miss You I Just Laid Back And Let You Move B-Sec Frontin Like You Don't Want Me Actin Like You Don't Need Me But It's Okay That's Just Your Way There's A Physical Attraction Cause A Chemical Reaction So Come On Boy Inhale-------------------Exhale Verse 11 The Time Is Right For Romance And I Want You For My Man I Know You Want Me For Your Girl Baby I Know You're Willing So Let's Not Fight The Feeling Give It To Me And Rock My World Bridge Don't Have To Feel You Just When I'm Near Where Are You At Get A Contact Got My Head Spinnin I'm In A Worldwind Of Your Love And It's Got Me All Choked Up

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