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Versuri A Friend Of Mine

1 - She was a friend of mine She left with my man She lied Cheated Took all I had She was a friend of mine She used what she knew She lied Cheated And left me confused I feel so lost Don't know why this has happened to me My closest friend I never would have thought it could be You were someone Someone I really thought I could trust But my man You laid And I'm betrayed Repeat 1 Thicker than blood Where ever there was me There was you My all was your wrong But that wasn't enough for you You had to see And tried to walk a mile in my shoes In my head In my bed Betrayed by my best friend Repeat 1 And oh, I wanna know why (why) You were my friend (why) I gave you all I had (why) Everything, everything that you wanted Why You were my friend (why) Oh, my sister (why) Gave all you want Ad lib while Repeat 1 until fade

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