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Versuri Soul Of A Woman [Interlude]

Kelly Price feat/Shawn Smith I need healing.... 1 - I need a healing for my soul So give me a healing for my soul Repeat 1 I need healing [Kelly] Hello? [Shawn] Kelly? Just for my soul I need healing Yeah, yeah [Kelly] Hello [Shawn] Kelly, please don't hang up [Kelly] Look, I don't have time for this, alright? [Shawn] Listen, I've heard everythign you said today I don't understand what it is you need from me Just, please.... Let me come by so we can talk? [Kelly] Whatever Just for my soul Repeat 1 while: [Kelly] I must be crazy What was I thinkin'? I should have just told him he couldn't come I won't open the door when he gets here That's all I just won't open the door He knows I'm here though Oh God I'm just so tired of this [Kelly] Alright, alright, alright [Shawn] Damn, I thought you wasn't gonna let me in, sweetheart [Kelly] You almost thought right How'd you get here so fast anyway? What'd you do, fly? [Shawn] Why you always gotta be so sarcastic towards me, sweetheart? Listen, I didn't come here to argue I didn't come here to fuss or fight I came here to make things right I want you to know that I understand what I did And I wanna make things better between me and you [Kelly] How you figure you can do that? [Shawn] Well, I can start by saying that I love you I mean, ah...... [Kelly] I've heard that before [Shawn] I don't know what to say, um, this is.... I know I did so many things wrong, but.. [Kelly] I don't believe you [Shawn] I, I love you, I really do Can you take me back, please? Take me back I love you, I want you back I miss what we had, me and you, I ... I can't eat, I can't sleep Baby, please, please I'll die tryin', baby I, I love you, please, please I wanna heal your soul At least I can help Baby, please [Kelly] I don't know, I don't know [Shawn] Please, please, I love you [Kelly] I don't know, I don't know [Shawn] Baby, please, I love you I want you, I miss you [Kelly] I don't know, I need some time [Shawn] Time, baby? I need YOU Repeat 1 until fade

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