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Hook Sister You Don't Have To Cry Everything Will Be Alright My Sister You Don't Have To Weep Cuz Things Are Getting Better Verse I A Mother Worries About The Son She Raised Alone Cuz He Is Fighting With Danger And It's Getting Close, But He Won't Listen She Prays To God And Asks Him Would You Please Protect Him But She Is Not Alone Verse II A Young Girl's Lying About The Weight She's Gaining Because She Is Hiding A Baby That Her Boyfriend Says He Didn't Father He Said He Was In Love But Now He Can't Be Bothered But Keep Your Head Up High Little Sister Verse III Strugglin, Trying, Working Days And School At Night The Bills Are Piling, Patience Low And Pressures High And You Can't Take It. You Say You'll Just Throw Up Your Hands But You Can Make It. Somebody Understands. Bridge Strong And You're Beautiful You Should See, You Should Know Strong And You're Beautiful Sister, Sister (Repeat) Hook-------Out cuvinte versurile versuri cuvintele versuri. piesa album piesa ultima melodie muzica straina melodia mp3 Sister Kelly Price versurile.

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