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I lie awake at night And I think about it Where I have been And who I' ve been with 'Cause all around me I see them dropping like flies Everytime they tell us We say it doesn' t exist And all we wanna do Just to have some fun Reverand Jackson says The time has come That the holy book Has been talking about The good Rev. also said Where there' s pleasure There will always be danger On his knees I heard him pray so hard He said God save your children Chorus: Save us from the sins of the flesh Things we have learned From our good & loving parents When temptation comes It all becomes useless Like an ashtray on a motorbike Everything you do remember The body bag hangs Next to the first aid kit It' s your life It' s your world I' m just passing through Reverand Jackson said The time has come That the holy book Has been talking about Chorus till fade

Versuri versuri descarca muzica straina cantece Sins Of The Flesh. Versurile versurile piesa piesa cuvintele cantece melodia Lucky Dube.

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