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Versuri Different ColoursOne People

Breaking those barriers All over the world Was not an easy thing Yesterday your mouth was shut yeah Couldn' t make a sound eh boy But it' s such a good feeling today When I can hear them from Across the ocean singing this song That the whole world should be singing All the time Chorus: (x3) We' re... Different colours / one people Different colours / one people Hey you government Never try to seperate the people Hey you politician Never try to seperate the people They were created in the image of God And who are you to seperate them Bible says, he made man in his image But it didn' t say black or white Look at me you see BLACK I look at you I see WHITE Now is the time to kick that away And join me in my song Chorus: (x3) Hey you politician Never seperate the people here Hey you man hey you man Never try to seperate the people Some were from America We were from South Africa Some were from Japan We were from China Some were from Australia We were from the U.K. Some were from Zimbabwe We were from Ghana Some were from Jamaica We were from Russia Some were from Aha-ha-ha We were from Uhu-hu-hu Chorus till fade

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