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I'm sleeping with my one eye open 'Cause I think you gonna come for me You're sleeping with your gun in hand 'Cause you think I'm gonna make Me move I've been chasing white people all my life You've been chasing black people all Your life Now that we know where we went Wrong, it's time some truth came out here You going to educate me About white people I will educate you about Black people and we'll unite That's why they call me trinity And my game is unity Chorus Trinity, unity My brothers have been chasing racists all the time Your brothers have been chasing freedom fighters all the time But at the end of the day We didn't know much about each other yeah When you saw a black man You saw a criminal, When I saw a white man I saw an oppressor But now that we know where we went wrong Let's unite You will educate me about white people I will educated you about black people That is why they call my trinity Cause my game is unity Chorus till fade... asculta muzica straina versuri melodiei. Cuvintele versuri cuvintele Lucky Dube ultima melodie album piesa cuvintele asculta cuvinte Trinity.

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