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Versuri You Got No Right

Woman: I got lonely sometime You were gone and left Like you always do You were never there When I needed some care You were never there when I needed somebody to talk to Somebody came and took your place. Man: Oh! Baby Somebody took my place In your heart I can say I'm used to it By now, 'cause it happens all the time That is one test I always fail But one thing my heart can't Understand... who's gonna take The place of this boy in my heart We used to play together, Do everything together, But now what am I gonna say Chorus You've got no right To call me father I've got no right To call you son, You got no right to talk to me I've got no right to talk to you Even though I try so hard To be strong, but it hurts inside. Woman: As I pack my bags To go now baby I thought I could share this with you The next time you fall In love Treat your woman right Remember that her place Is not only in the Kitchen All she needs is tender Loving care. Repeat chorus till fade.

Versuri versuri cuvinte melodiei melodia descarca muzica straina ultima melodie melodia You Got No Right. Melodiei muzica album descarca cantece Lucky Dube

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