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Pretty little girl on the side of the road Yellow hair in a yellow bow Little thumb sticking in the exit lane Two packs of smokes and a candy cane With women hips and baby lips A Hallelujah book in the back of a pillow-slip If she gets out of here too soon She'll run fast by the shy of the moon If she's been havin' the same old dreams Of lullabies and pale blue skies Fallen asleep beneath the stars Orion aims and shoots his arrows oh so far Aims 'em hard He shoots the moon and takes her as his own reward If she's gonna see those stars too soon She'll run fast by the shy of the moon If she found out so long ago That she wants more than all she knows The river ends right as she goes Water breaks and she's gone down in the undertow She's below, but I'll stand tall and hold up high my mistletoe She's gonna shine just like brand new She'll take my hand and we'll run by the shy of the moon

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