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So sad that you took it so badly And acted so madly So scared like a baby by the morning with sunlight unfolding Your eyes have turned red And are holding me inside your story In the end you'll have started on a new one Of anguish and delusions He smiles just like a magician Who's just cast his illusions of castles and sandstones on the backbeach And bright lights within your reach The sounds of a warning by the morning of hound dogs coming for me With the ropes leading back to your knees And you looking straight at me On your knees in the rain with a basket of flowers just for me As the bells in the trees up above all swung and rang softly You said you rang them for me For me

Cantece ultima melodie cuvintele descarca versuri cuvinte asculta versuri cantece. Mp3 Wallflowers Birdcage muzica straina.

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