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If you could see yourself the way that I do You might change a thing or two You wouldn't look so angry You'd know it doesnt look good on you So grab your coat And grab your hat There ain't no stayin if we're comin back Cause something's gone So terribly wrong Here in pleasantville Do you remember how we'd stay out so late We use to have so much fun We use to wish that the mornin' sun just would never come Look at us now We're tucked in tight We're just praying for a little light Cause something's gone So terribly wrong Here in pleasantville I need to tell you now as we leave That it's much worse than you would believe And no matter how far you've been The beginning, that's where you are So I'm using my last match I'll put a fire up on every hill And burn down Pleasantville We never did learn to use our voices We never thought we'd be heard The only way they'd ever listen If we scream every word Beause there ain't nothing in our walk That just aint the kind of luck that we got So let's move on Cause something's gone So terribly wrong Here in pleasantville

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