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Versuri How Good It Can Get

Slow down, you're breaking up Use your words don't yell so much I don't understand a word that you're saying Move in, and come up close You look like you've maybe seen a ghost Tell me has someone gotten to you baby Open your arms Pick up your head Open your Eyes So you can see what happens next [Chorus] You won't believe just how good it can get We'll make a lover out of you yet [End Chorus] The fog is so thick I can't see my hands It got much worse soon as I got in I know you're somewhere here in the water It's 10 feet deep and the river wont' stop I'll tell you what's in it when I make it accross You can make it too, if you listen we'll help you Yeah But you've got give in When you've got to let go Then you can begin To come up slow like a dessert rose [Chorus Twice] Take a deep breath and hold it in tight Push your face up right into the light Can't you feel that full moon shining down on you Help is coming from the great unknown Just maybe not when you needed it most Cause I an see that you already know that you're leaving But I wish you'd stay And just let me in Cause everything can change But you've got to be ready casue you won't know when [Chorus 3 times]

Muzica straina versurile versuri versuri muzica. Melodia melodia Wallflowers asculta cuvintele How Good It Can Get melodiei melodiei cuvinte cantece cantece.

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