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Versuri Shelter Me

There's a woman who tries to hide From a man who's dark inside. For her children she says a prayer Fear and desperation keeps her there. Will redemption come around in time to save her? She wants to run from the life that he gave her. She cries.... (Chorus) Love, come and Shelter Me, Your light is all I need to survive. Take me from where the cold wind's blowin, To where the healing water's flowin', Love, come and Shelter Me. ...and there's a beggar, feels like half a man. He fought the war, now he fights the pain. He was a hero in a foreign land Now he's flat broke and stranded in the rain. But his dignity runs deeper than the ocean In a voice that trembles with emotion, he cries... (2nd Chorus) Love, come and Shelter Me Your light is all I need to survive. In a world where the cold winds blowin' Will your love be a shelter for me? (Bridge) So blind, yet we try to see Fallin' short of what could be All hopes and dreams goin' nowhere. So we pray for a new tomorrow To wash our sorrows away (Refrain) Pray for a new tomorrow To wash our sorrows away.... (3rd Chorus) Love, come and Shelter Me........

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