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Versuri She tried

She Tried Lyrics (Good Lord, May God have mercy on my soul) I love her, but you never would know That by the way I just let my girl go With tears in her eyes from years of the lies She backed on up and disappeared down the drive- Way, hey, what can I say, all we had means nothing today I did my thing, and she did hers, But my crimes were a wee bit worse And now Iââ¬â¢m sitting her all alone with my guilt Just me and the dogs and home that we built It was it was Andy's and hers, even though Bubba bought it But Bubba wouldnââ¬â¢t leave just like her mother called it From the P, hold it to the blue flame God, forgive me for causing you pain All it was, ainââ¬â¢t no more, cause my babys gone And when it rains it pours. [Chorus] She tried to tell me I needed to be strong I wasnââ¬â¢t listening, and now my babyââ¬â¢s gone One for the pleasure, two for the sin Three for the family we coulda been Had I not been so concerned With this life no spoken words Could begin to undue whatââ¬â¢s done Deep within I know that you must run Far away, from the thought of my smile And the broken dream of us walking that isle I first saw betty in ??? The breast where the best, and the fanny ââ¬Åmy lordââ¬Â I fly country girl, just working them gifts Sheââ¬â¢s my queen, was a virgin I guess But I ainââ¬â¢t never ask, and ainââ¬â¢t never tell But Betty had the cash every time I went to jail And how did I reward her loyalty Let her walk in and see her cousin Joy on me [Chorus] Itââ¬â¢s been six months, and still no word I try to carry on like it still donââ¬â¢t hurt Hoes come around, but I still wontââ¬â¢ flirt Drinking worse, and the pills donââ¬â¢t work Last I heard she was in Birmingham Living with a good hard working man And lookinââ¬â¢ back on it, thatââ¬â¢s exactly what she wanted Not a rebel with a passion for the moment I live for the feeling, the kick in the snout I take my love and I stick it in there Moved a jimmy and made this song All because my baby is gone [Chorus]

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