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You better run, here comes your mama Her eyes see red this time You should be workin' boy, instead of daydreamin' She says that you're a bad one got the wrong things on your mind So you turn up the music loud to block out her screamin' .....No words of love are ever spoken ....and he's gonna leave this place ...once the door is open (1st Chorus) He'll Shatter the Silence with every beat of his heart The best kept secrets never stay in the dark Defiance only makes him strong The child grows up, he ain't silent for long.......not for long Your daddy tried to buy your silence His eyes seemed to hold a threat He'd blame all your bruises on rough games in the schoolyard The strike of his hand upon you was all the attention that you could get Soon you would push your luck just to get all you needed .......'Til now all the shame remained unspoken .....But watch how the children rise....once their eyes are opened (2nd Chorus) They'll Shatter the Silence, now it's their turn to tell It's a long way from Heaven when you're livin' in Hell Defiance...It's time to even the score The child grows up, he ain't silent no more The Silence....Now it's time to be heard It's hard stayin' quiet when you can't breathe a word Silence...It's a two-edge sword The child grows, he ain't silent no more..... He ain't silent no more! no.. They'll Shatter the the Silence... Shatter the Silence....(silent no more) They'll Shatter the Silence......

Melodiei ultima melodie cantece cuvintele piesa piesa descarca cuvintele Shatter The Silence. versurile versuri muzica muzica versuri muzica straina asculta ultima melodie Abramelin.

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