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[music: F. Calluori, C. Claps, C. Gallo, S.Duccilli; Lyrics: F Calluori & E. D'Amato] From his infernal and divine gaze a dark malediction rained So the anger of the god was appeased [Daragor] I promised you eternal love, Infinite light And access to the world of the gods Now i give you a new kingdom - And the crown of black sorrow [chorus I] Your eyes will see some truths no mortals could ever see before The gates of destiny will open to welcome your arrival In the land of eternity you'll know the SECRETS OF TIME to COME... COME... the SECRETS OF TIME... to COME... Look to the sky tonight The stars will show you The secret path of men's fate You will paint - Black scenarios of sorrow and death [chorus II] Your voice will sing dark poems, sad and tragic songs But no men will listen to the dismal laments of your words You can reveal to no one the SECRETS OF TIME To COME... COME... the SECRETS OF TIME... to COME... [solo] to COME... COME... the SCRETS OF TIME... to COME...

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