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Oh baby can you tell me, is it love or just a game I'm lying in a bed of fire, oh babe do you feel the same It's a long long way to go, but I never let you know Oh relax baby, love will turn out fine Call me : satellite to satellite, my sweet taboo You're my teacher - I'll come to school Who wants to love you forever and ever It's written in the wind Call me : satellite to satellite, oh it's a tough world You're my teacher for all my love girl You're my sweetest, my sweetest desire Take me in your arms tonight Goodbye heartache and good vibration It's a story for generation Baby come hold me tonight Oh time will wait for no one, I can't make a blind girl see I will take the train of silince, on the wings of destiny It's an endless rhapsodie, what you give and what you feel Oh relax babe have some fun tonight

Asculta melodia cantece Blue System melodiei. Cantece muzica cantece muzica straina cuvintele cantece Satellite To Satellite cuvintele versuri versuri.

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