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Versuri Baby Jealousy

What kind of boy you're looking for, my love Or is the price too high, I will pay enough Oh, it's no game between us anymore I feel it in my heart, babe I can't ignore Oh I know, oh I know it Love will change everything Oh I know, oh I know it I have to love, I have to win Baby Jealousy, is killing when you touch me When you're close to me, oh love is when you hold me That's eternity, believe me, believe me, I swear Believe me, believe me, believe me, I swear What are you doing when your friends will say I'm living in my world and I'll go my way I'm walking through the streets of loneliness I need you in my heart, baby I confess Oh I know, oh I know it You're not a one night love affair Oh I know, oh I know it Baby, call and I'll be there

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