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Oh, I know that I'm guilty Do I ever cross your mind ? Oh, I feel that you need me I said I have no time I'm losing more than I ever had After all the love is gone And the more I look it drives me mad Where does my heart belong ? Oh, it's a 21st love century It's love time for you and me Baby, I love you ............... Baby, I hold you once more Baby, I'm dying for sweet love Oh, it's a 21st love century Don't you feel the energy Baby, I miss you for sure Baby, I kiss you once more Baby, I'm dying your sweet love Will you love me tomorrow ? Oh, this love will miss a flame In the world full of sorrow Love's such a thing Oh, the way I go - oh, the less you know I feel passion - I feel pain There's a broken heart and it tears apart Leave me in the rain

21st Century album versuri cuvinte muzica straina. Mp3 versuri cuvintele Blue System ultima melodie melodia.

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