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Versuri Another Lonely Night

My tears will never dry - oh no for sure baby Oh give me one try - I keep my love alive How do my love survive ? Oh, it's a nighttime world - to heal the pain, baby If you can't love me girl, I'll be the sun again Come baby be my friend It's an another lonely night A lonely night in paradise - see my emotion A lonely night, where everything is cold as ice See my devotion Knock three times if you feel the fire Take my heart and feel desire Take me in your heart and stay tonight Oh let me love you girl Come feel my heat baby Oh, it's a different world Oh baby, feel the need It's like a burning heat

Versurile muzica straina asculta cuvinte. Album Another Lonely Night cuvintele album versurile versuri cuvinte cuvinte versuri muzica album piesa descarca Blue System album.

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