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Your twisted cynicism - makes me feel sick - Your open disgust for 'Idealistic naive' You've given up hope you're jaded and ill The trouble is your thoughts a catching disease Ooh - you need to get away - Ooh - you need a change of pace - Because you're all dried up and you don't believe You reckon I'm dreaming when I say I still feel real You say you work for yourself and its the only way But I look at you talking and to me you just scrape away - What makes once young minds get in this state, Is it age or just the social climate You're talking like some fucking hardend MP You're saying power's all! And it's power you NEED! Ooh - you need to get away - Ooh - you need a change of place - Because you've given up on hope - You're emotionless - You've no need for love it's just hate, hate, hate. But I look at you shaking and it is you - who is scraping away You who is scraping away.

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