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Baby when I found out you were lying Playing around and conniving Undesired tears I was crying 'Cause sugar coated as I was buying I was just a backseat driver in a car of love Going wherever you take me Don't know why I put up with the pain 'Cause no one else can make me You've got me going - stoned out of my mind And when you led me to the waters I drank it But I drank more than I could hold And you took my mind off my body And now you want to take my soul Where can I run? Where can I hide? Who can I talk to? Tell me what more can I do? You've got me going - stoned out of my mind Playing around with every guy in town It's funny I just can't put you down See my head - it's spinning around Since the day you let me down descarca The Jam muzica straina. Cuvintele versuri album cantece cuvinte album asculta versurile mp3 album cantece STONED OUT OF MY MIND versuri.

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