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And life is very difficult, when you're in the crowd When you're in the crowd, you see things as they really are You can smell the fear and hate, generated by all around - I wanna breakaway, but the ties are too strong Wanna go on holiday, but the crowd says I can't See life is very different, when you're in the crowd Oh, sometimes in the night, I wish I was faraway But then I realize, even escape will be in vain I wanna close my eyes and be like the rest I mean, nobody wants to die, although the crowd say they do Look, life is very intricate, when you're in the crowd Life becomes the movies And everyone has a role It's easy being the actor When the combine's the only star - Sunday papers And the dailies Ena Sharples Page 3 girls News at ten War in Rhodesia Far away In a distant land But we're alright We're nice and warm here No one to hurt us Except ourselves

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