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Daylights dawns, you wake up and yawn - Mr. Clean A piece of toast from the one you love most - and you leave You get the bus in the 8 o'clock rush, And catch the train in the morning rain Mr. Clean - Mr. Clean If you see me in the street - look away Cause I don't ever want to catch you looking at me - Mr. Clean Cause I hate you and your wife And if I get the chance I'll fuck up your life Mr. Clean - etc. - IS THAT SEEN! Surround yourself with dreams, of pretty young girls, and anyone you want, but - please don't forget me or any of my kind cause I'll make you think again When I stick your face in the grind - Getting pissed at the annual office do - Smart blue suit and you went to Cambridge too - You miss page 3, but the Times is right for you - And mum and dad are very proud of you - Mr. Clean - etc.

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