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You are witnessing the falling of my pride You are listening as I crumble from inside Shhhhââ¬Â¦ There are no secrets Only voices you havenââ¬â¢t heard There is no justice Only living what youââ¬â¢ve learned Listenââ¬Â¦ You can not use me You can not fade me You will never win [CHORUS] Tear a page from out my book Take a second look Steal away part of my life Turn me out inside My sacrifice was not my own I was not alone I keep running from myself And getting nowhere There is nothing I can say I havenââ¬â¢t said Thank you for listening to these voices in my head Shhhhhââ¬Â¦Ã¢â¬Â¦ This is my revelation Lord, this is the end This is my exodus Oh Lord, Iââ¬â¢ll break before I bend You can not use meââ¬Â¦ [CHORUS] Praying for one last breath I am dying inside You canââ¬â¢t just walk away Youââ¬â¢ve got to swallow my pride I slide my pain in you It hurts, just like it feels I take it out on you And make this lie so real [CHORUS] Getting nowhereââ¬Â¦ ultima melodie versuri asculta Revelations. Mp3 cantece versuri cuvinte muzica straina cuvintele Hed Pe muzica cuvintele.

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