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Know your enemies well They enter your life Disguised as your friends Know your enemies well Theyââ¬â¢re in the next room Waiting for you to fall asleep [CHORUS] Why? I donââ¬â¢t know how you can live such aââ¬Â¦. Lieââ¬Â¦. To yourself, now I know who you are Why? I can forgive, but Iââ¬â¢ll never forget How you put a price on my head! So little I can say And less that I can do To make you understand These things you put me through Thereââ¬â¢s got to be a better way! Thereââ¬â¢s got to be a better way! Theyââ¬â¢re trying to silence my voice Theyââ¬â¢re feeling uncomfortable hearing my words They wish I would shut the fuck up Exposing the enemy Truth always comes at a price [CHORUS] Know your enemies well Trust nothing and no one Cuz, everything sucks Know your enemies well Donââ¬â¢t sleep for a minute Cuz, thatââ¬â¢s when youââ¬â¢re fucked [CHORUS] Thereââ¬â¢s got to be a better way!ââ¬Â¦

Versuri asculta versuri muzica ultima melodie piesa muzica ultima melodie piesa. Hed Pe asculta Carnivale muzica straina asculta.

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