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I give it up smooth Stick then I move Tryin' to make sense outta of nonsense Fool Trippin' on life and my situation Brothers of earth One love-one & 1 nation I hear the voices callin' me The choices I made were mine And I don't mind I rise to the top like cream Like the Phoenix from the blunt ash Realizin' my dreams Kissin' the pacific sky The purple haze brain remain open To changin' tides I desire knowledge by nature Word to Aristotle My nature's not to hate ya So I try to put myself in the Chucks of the other man Peace to my brother Search out my pace in this World I discover man Damn, check out the colors man My eyes are open My eyes are opening wide My eyes are open I see it everyday But some things never change-no Some people livin' in fear Not knowin' about the ten dimensions The (hed) nigga reach the point of awakening I annihilate nigga who be thinkin' that they can break me The next brother can do what they want to This brother's sites are wide and true If a stupid punk motherfucker sweat me The trick ass bitch'll wish He never met me So be warned my scorn is what you saw here Be down or be gone Let's get it on here Turn of the century Age of the microwave One foot on the moon one foot in the cave But, you can see it gettin' better Believe it Young people sayin' shit they ain't havin' it So now they takin'shit They breakin' shit They tired of the status quo Fittin' to rape yo' shit Their eyes are open Their eyes are wide and far their eyes are open i see it every day So what the fuck Where you goin' Where you been Where you at If I drop the bomb Pick it up... That sexy little girl She had no father figure The Catholic skirt Put a hurtin' on the father's uh.. puttin it hard on the daughters uh.. Table dances-they don't cum cheap D-i-c-k Spells relief Bring all your daughter to me all your daughters to me I was a just kid I was just living It never ocurred to me that Skin could determine identity I was naive you see I don't giva fuck Never did never will My eyes are open wide Pack skillz then move in for the kill

Cantece asculta versuri versurile asculta muzica straina mp3 versuri ultima melodie Darky. Descarca Hed Pe cantece muzica.

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