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Yeah Yeah Come into your house make love to your spouse Fuck her in the mouth then I'm out what These type of things happens all the time You trying to get yours but I'm a kill for mine Nigga Nigga Nigga A nigga please I strap on a jimmy Cuz I don't want a disease Baby likes it when I come inside I come into your house and take your daughter for a ride Now how you gonna slow me down Show me how you heard about my theory now Feel me now busta you dealing with the microphone crusher Amateurs fold under pressure Yeah roll up that blunt now Lay yo guns down who be the one now Out of town before sun down O.K. Corral You gonna slow me down bitch show me how You gonna slow me down show me how You gonna slow me down show me how You gonna slow me down show me how You gonna slow me down bitch show me how Whooooa Where my dogs at Where my girls at Where da whiskey at me let me hit some of that I'm a drink my wine and smoke my weed I'm a fuck that hiney from behind This is until she screams Oh yeah Hell yeah There's a party over here party over there Rebels throw you fist in the air Bitches throw your tits in the air (chorus)2x Hed p.e. oh can't you see Sometimes your shit just hypnotize me And I just love your freaky ways M.C. my love is here to stay M.C.O.D. oh can't you see Sometimes you shit just hypnotize me And I just love your freaky ways Hed p.e. is here to stay (2nd Verse) You heard about that shit that we do You heard about the sex and the drugs and the violence It's all true I heard about your pussy ass crew Cross over corporate take down take two Huh you running out of time now You all mine now lights out You fat muthafucker Watch me shine now You fat ass You wanna slow me down show me how You heard about my theory now fear me now Cuz ain't no way that the shit can miss See all my dogs fuck it up in the pits See all my ladies shake they hips and wiggle they tits Shit my niggas might bounce to this Cuz everybody talking about that new sound crazy But it's still hip hop to me What What (chorus) (3rd Verse) Let me have your muthafucking undivided attention It's about time I set the muthafuckin record straight Now it's obvious who smokes the most and the best weed And it's obvious who got the most and the finest hoes And it's obvious who's gonna get the props in 2000 One! 2012 come watch me Shine in the new Millenium yeah I think your fine baby Nah you ain't my baby You think I'm crazy Nah Nah no Muthafucking way Fuck tomorrow fuck today Fuck yo scandalous ass and yo scandalous ways Fuck you momma and the ho she raised - What! (chorus) Worldwide(repeated at end)

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