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Versuri Power From Profit

It's time to face the music, we've let our country down Upon the face of our nation, there seems to be a frown Once we were all proud men of this green and pleasant land, But we've lost a lot of tears over you Very soon our time will come, our nation's doom will toll They've bought up all our industries, and they've tried to buy our souls And then our nation's working men, will be the rich man's slaves Yes, we've lost a lot of tears over you Chorus: It's power from profit, they're buying our souls It's power from proit, puts you on the dole It's power from profit, a good job's hard to find It's power from profit, they'll soon own our minds I think it's time our people stood together all as one And took back all our nation's wealth when the profiteers have gone Our working men would be fairly paid, for all their sweat and toil Yes, we've lost a lot of tears over you (Repeat Chorus) It's power from profit, the capitalist's a theif If he stands against us, he better stay out of our reach We will fight against them with a hammer and a gun And when our people start to rise, the traitor's time will come (Repeat Chorus) And when our time has finally come, and we've gained our brave new world The people stand and hail the dawn, the banners are unfurled We've got to be on guard to see that they don't come again Because we've lost alot of tears over you (Repeat Chorus) x2

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