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Versuri Boots And Braces

Trying to figure out just what to do Wonder what the future holds for you Being in a cult is part of growing up today Drifting 'round the streets you're living your life your own way, in your... Chorus: Boots and braces, shaven-headed hoards Boots and braces, fighting 'cos you're bored Boots and braces, you'll always get the blame Boots and braces, we'll come in just the same Wearing your Ben Sherman in the sun Trying to figure out just who to run Levi jeans, Doc Marten boots, and just hear the skinhead roar - Skinhead! No one stands against us, 'cause we've beat 'em all before (Repeat Chorus) solo (Repeat Chorus) Try and get you banned from everywhere 'Cos you wear your boots and you cut your hair They would rather see you in a dirty old Afghan If you were a Left-wing hippie, you won't face no ban (Repeat Chorus) versurile Skrewdriver muzica straina versuri versuri ultima melodie. melodiei Boots And Braces versurile descarca versurile melodia.

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