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Versuri (Too Much) Confusion

All the counselors, in Blackpool With their poxy cars, can just fuck off You're much too old, to persecute us Bet your sick about the local publicity huh? Thank you! Chorus: Too much confusion Too much confusion Too much confusion, out there ( ? ), spouting shit Well you ain't too convincing You know you can't fool everybody All the violence, all the reporters sniffing around Tomorrow's headlines, we all know who's gonna get the blame, don't we huh? (Repeat Chorus) There's so many people, condemning me They're just trying to dictate, tell me what to think Well I don't need your prayers, I don't need your write-ups And I don't need your putdowns, so just go and mess with someone else's life will ya? (Repeat Chorus)

Muzica straina melodia cuvinte asculta versuri versuri melodiei ultima melodie album. Muzica (Too Much) Confusion album mp3 cuvintele asculta Skrewdriver.

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