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Versuri When The Storm Breaks

Democracy won't stand the test of time Unemployment and a rising rate of crime Will you stay or will you go? When the time comes you will have to know Are you gonna stand and fight for your race? Chorus: When the storm breaks, which way will you go? When the storm breaks, you will have to know When the storm breaks, what you gonna do? When the storm breaks, can we count on you? Predictable is what I once said to you Did you lsiten, no you laughed like a pack of fools Now you can see what fools you were You had the chance but you blew it Now you're gonna face the storm and fight in it (Repeat Chorus) All the papers, the radio and TV Never known them to tell the truth to me Only there to brainwash you their way Got to learn to ignore them everyday

Versurile Skrewdriver cuvinte versuri versurile ultima melodie descarca versuri. When The Storm Breaks piesa piesa ultima melodie cantece muzica straina muzica.

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