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I'm forever struck by the people in this town and the way they go about their world have they given up all the fun they used to have in adolescent xanadu everything is too much time and trouble they must be seen as being respectable they're too busy with their social climbing waiting for a rise Chorus. Why can't people just be people when they were young they would wish for the summer evenings that would never end now the day's too long and the key to life is locked away in childhood memories some people judge a man as reasonable if the wine he buys is seasonable they've time for friendship if it's advantageous and causes no pain Chorus: why are people so deceitful why can't people just be people there is more to the world than is offered by the soap and war found on the TV screen and there is more to this life if you would only take the time to look within and find the key don't believe words when they're superficial don't put your trust in values artificial let your heart do the talking for a little and feel yourself shine Chorus: why can't people trust in people why can't people just be people find the time and you'll realise life isn't too much time and trouble (repeat til fade)

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