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I've got a pocket full of pretty green - I'm gonna put it in the fruit machine - I'm gonna put it in the juke box - It's gonna play all the records in the hit parade - This is the pretty green - this is society You can't do nothing - unless it's in the pocket - oh no - I've got a pocket full of pretty green I'm gonna give it to the man behind the counter He's gonna give me food and water - I'm gonna eat that and look for more - And they didn't teach me that in school - It's something that I learnt on my own - That power is measured by the pound or the fist - It's as clear as this oh - I've got a pocket full of Pretty Green!

Ultima melodie muzica versuri versuri PRETTY GREEN melodia melodiei cuvintele cantece. The Jam cantece melodia muzica straina asculta muzica ultima melodie melodia asculta.

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