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Tearing beneath your feet Feel the ground split and crack and crumble beneath you Calamity serves a nightmare Never to wake from these dreams of destiny [Chorus:] All are buried New earth's eyes turn black Struggle to cling to your mind Grasping at twines to hold your world together Replacing the truth Breathe in the proof And pray your god is forever [Chorus:] All are silent Full with old dirt All are stifled Earth's hand turns to fist Forget, erase, the monster you made and the hate that you save In time, you'll find, you'll learn to grow in the new world Ushering in the sun Barren earth smiles and greets it's warmth with awareness Gathering clouds, earth drinks the rain And plans the birth of it's New Godz [Chorus:] All arising Purged of sickness Soil transcending Cast fulfilling All are present Born of earth New Godz

Piesa piesa muzica melodiei cantece muzica melodia versuri descarca. New Godz versuri Agent Steel muzica straina descarca.

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