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Versuri Take my breath away

Written by Steve Grissette and Maxx Frank Verse If I had castles built on high I'd find a million ways to write your name against the sky Just to let you know yo'ud caught my eye And if I had more than wealth could buy I'd sell it all and start again for just a chance with you Girl, I'd give my all to win your love Chorus And I would be rich And I would build all my world around you Just to show you How you take my breath away And you would love, sweet lady Nobody else this side of heaven Knows how you take my breath away Verse If I could turn the day to night If I had faith to walk on water, maybe you could see The reason I thank God for miracles 'Cause, baby, when you walked into sight You turned an ordinary man like me into a king I would do anything to win your love Chorus Bridge I think there's something here worth saying I don't wanna scare you So let me make my wish And hope that you believe in simple love, like I do Say that it's true, baby 'Cause you've got me shakin' My breath has now been taken I've got to overcome this achin' To win your love Chorus

Muzica Take my breath away ultima melodie album. Agent Steel muzica straina album cuvintele cantece cuvintele versuri versuri ultima melodie cuvintele melodia.

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