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Versuri Always you and i

Written by Nick Lachey, Rhett Lawrence It's so hard to say How a love could end this way The one that used to care for you Just turns and walks away And it's so hard to find To leave the pain behind When all the things you're lookin' for Your heart can't seem to find Chorus I'll be the air that you breathe I'll give the strength that you need I'll be the light in your eyes When hope becomes hard to see I'll be your shining star To guide you wherever you are And I promise that I'll be by your side Always you and I Know you're not alone Without a love to call your own Cos I'll always be right there for you To help you carry on A heart that's always true Girl, I'm giving mine to you And everything you'll ever need I promise I will do Chorus Bridge Girl, in all your sleepless hours I will be right there for you With a hand to hold A heart to see you through Cos each and every night I will make it right When life feels so wrong 'Cause in my arms is where you belong Chorus

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