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You and I are not alone The earth and sea are not your home Soon our eyes will see the truth Elimination offering the proof Underneath us as above us Monitoring our existence Shame to know Too late we'll realize Keep us in the black Created by the ones who have predated Fathered us And still we are denied [Chorus:] Awaken The Swarm Tunnels deep inside the earth Cities built to house the men of worth Fodder for their Godz Created us to pay the cost The price of their survival Dictates our removal from their space An accident We're children born of lies So below us plots conspire To closet those who speak the truth I'll not be silent We must fight it Realize Awaken the swarm We are not alone Tested as we've grown Knowledge gained is now a curse The more you know, the less you're worth Awaken the swarm AWAKE!

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